Some Tips for improving your EyeSight

You’d be stunned to know that 1/third of the visually impaired individuals of the world are Indians, which adds up to around 15 million individuals in India alone. Besides, the danger of cataract is additionally high in India, with around 3 million individuals building up this condition, yearly. Indeed, even the quantity of individuals with power in their eyes in India has gone up extensively. That’s why eye care is the need of great importance.

Here are some helpful ways to keep up your eyes healthy & free from eye problems.


  1. Hydrate your Eyes

Drinking the standard 8-10 glasses of water multi day help you to hydrate your eyes. In addition, sunglasses having a UV filter additionally demonstrates to be valuable in such a manner. The purpose is that sunglasses keep the wind from robbing the moisture away from your eyes. Also, you can request an optometrist to give a basic saline solution for hydrate your eyes and give them a relieving feel.

  1. Avoid Continuously looking on the Computer Screen.

Gazing at the PC screen or laptop for quite a while at a stretch can influence your eyes negatively. So, actualize the 20/20/20 rule into your day by day schedule. As indicated by this standard, you should expel your look from the PC screen for 20 minutes and afterward direct your vision towards an article avoided as much as possible of 20 feet for 20 seconds. This break causes your eyes to unwind and refocus, consequently staying away from the event of hazy vision.

  1. Proper Rest and Balanced Diet

It is important that your daily diet contains green, verdant vegetables and fruits of the soil wealthy in cell reinforcements. These sustenance items help in improving your vision to a huge degree. In addition, rest for around eight hours consistently to counteract eye fatigue.

  1. Eye Exercises

Eye exercise is the best way to improve your eyesight. Daily exercise also helps in strengthening the eyes.

Also, take care of your health problems like diabetes, hypertension, neurological issues or hypersensitivities and keeps your body fit by doing exercises regularly.