Pacemaker in Pune

What is Pacemaker

A pacemaker is a little gadget, about the span of a half dollar piece, that is set under the skin close to your heart to help control your pulse. A pacemaker is embedded as a feature of what’s regularly alluded to as “cardiac re synchronization treatment.” In the present life individuals may require a pacemaker for an assortment of reasons for example generally because of one of its benevolent gathering of conditions called arrhythmia, in which the heart’s rhythm is strange.

Further, Ordinary maturing of the heart may disturb your pulse, making it beat too gradually. Heart muscle harm coming about because of a heart assault is another regular reason for disturbances of your pulse. A few drugs can influence your pulse also. For a few, hereditary conditions cause an irregular pulse. Notwithstanding the basic reason for an unusual pulse, a pacemaker may fix it.

How Pacemaker Implemented?

A pacemaker can regularly be embedded in your chest with a minor medical procedure. Dr. Priya Palimkar at Om eye and health care Pune is the best Pacemaker Specialist in Pune. You may need to avoid potential risk in your day by day life after your pacemaker is installed after deciding the body quality, conditions and most significant the report of a patient.
DR. PRIYA PALIMKAR, Cardiologist in Pune practicing in OM EYE AND HEALTH CARE in Viman Nagar, Vishrantwadi, Pune is the best Pacemaker Surgeon in Pune. Call us or message for more details about Pacemaker in Pune Or Pacemaker Implantation 

Pacemaker in Pune

Why you need Pacemaker?

Doctors recommend pacemakers for many reasons. The most common reasons are bradycardia and heart block.Bradycardia is a heartbeat that is slower than normal. Heart block is a disorder that occurs if an electrical signal is slowed or disrupted as it moves through the heart.Heart block can happen as a result of aging, damage to the heart from a heart attack, or other conditions that disrupt the heart’s electrical activity. Some nerve and muscle disorders also can cause heart block, including muscular dystrophy.