Valve Surgery

Heart Valve Surgery in Pune

What is heart valve surgery?

Heart valve surgery procedure and methodology are performed to fix or supplant a valve in the heart that isn’t working appropriately in light of valvular coronary or heart illness (likewise called heart valve malady). Heart valve medical procedure is the open-heart medical procedure through the breastbone, into the chest. It is a noteworthy activity that can most recent two hours or more and recuperation regularly takes half a month. There are more current, less intrusive strategies appropriate for certain kinds of valvular coronary illness, however, they are just done at specific hospitals. At Om Eye and Heart Care in Viman Nagar & Vishrantwadi, Pune we provide all the information related to Heart Valve Surgery in Pune.

For What Reason is it Done?

In a sound heart, valves control the progression of blood by making it move one way through the heart and the body. In the event that a valve isn’t working accurately, blood stream and the sensitive system of veins that convey oxygen all through the body are influenced.
On the off chance that your valve issue is minor, your specialist may screen your side effects or treat you with prescription. In the event that your condition is serious, surgery is normally required to fix or supplant the valve to avert any enduring harm to your heart.

Heart Valve Surgery in Pune

What are the Various Types of  Heart Valve Surgeries?

According to Dr. Priya Palinkar who is Cardiologist in Pune, heart valve surgery depends Contingent on the degree and area of harm, valves can be either fixed or supplanted by various strategies like:

 For Valve Narrowing (Stenosis): Closed or open valvulotomy is performed. In this methodology, an entry point is made in a combined/ narrow valve to reestablish the valve opening. Be that as it may, on the off chance that the rebuild of the valve is unsettled, at that point a valve substitution is finished utilizing a mechanical/metallic (St. Jude or Medtronic Valve) or a bioprosthetic (porcine valve).




Dr. Priya Palimkar at Om Eye and Heart Care in Pune provides the best heart valve surgery in Pune. If you required more details or second opinion for heart valve surgery in Pune feel free to contact us.

Who is a good candidate for this type of Heart valve surgery?

  • Our expert’s team of Cardiologist in Pune specialize in the techniques required for the stenotic aortic valve. Consult our team to know which is an appropriate procedure for you.
  • As of now the method is held for those individuals for whom an open-heart procedure poses middle of risk. Therefore, many people who have this strategy are in their 70s or 80 and regularly have other ailments that make them a superior candidate for this kind of heart valve surgery.
  • TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement) can be a viable alternative to improve personal satisfaction in patients who generally have restricted options for fix of their aortic valve.

Our Heart specialist in Pune at OM EYE AND HEART CARE have some expertise in the strategies required for the stenotic aortic valve and provide best Heart Valve Surgery in Pune. Consult our Cardiologist Doctor in Pune, Viman Nagar & Vishrantwadi to realize which is a proper method for you.