Heart Transplant

Heart Transplant in Pune

What is Heart Transplant ?

A heart transplant, or a cardiovascular transplant, is a surgical transplant method performed on patients with end-arrange heart failure or serious coronary supply route disease when other medicinal or careful medications have fizzled. The patient’s very own heart is either expelled and supplanted with the contributor heart (orthotopic strategy) or, considerably less usually, the beneficiary’s sick heart is left set up to help the giver heart (heterotopic, or “piggyback”, transplant methodology).


It is performed when other treatments for Heart have failed. A heart transplant or heart transplant surgery is done in cases when of severe heart failure. Om Heart Care in Pune provides all the information on Heart Transplant in Pune.
According to DR. Priya Palimkar Heart failure is caused by:

Dilated Cardiomyopathy – A condition where the heart is abnormally thickened, enlarged or stiffened (weakening of heart muscles)
Severe Coronary Heart Disease – Plaque buildup in the arteries with scarred heart tissue because of a heart attack
Congenital Heart Defect – People with birth defects of the heart undergo heart transplant surgery
Valvular Heart Disease – A condition where there is a defect or damage in one of the four valves of the heart
• Failure of previous heart transplant

Heart Transplant Procedure

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