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Dr. Anand Palimkar M.S.(Oph) FMRF, FAEH

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Dr. Anand Palimkar M.S.(Ophthalmology) - Nagpur University, FMRF (Shankara Netralaya) & FAEH (Medical Retina) - is a leading Ophthalmologist in Pune. He has impeccable experience in the field of Phacoemulsification of Cataract (Stitchless Surgery) and Medical Retina (Laser Treatment for Diabetes / Hypertensive Retinopathy and other Retinal diseases).

He was brought up in a middle class Maharashtrian family with a disciplined lifestyle. His father was a general manager for a pharmaceutical company and worked overseas. Dr. Palimkar completed his higher secondary education from the prestigious Ruparel college in Mumbai and was a topper throughout school and college life.

During his graduate program in the Mahatma Gandhi Institiute of Medical Sciences at Sevagram, he was exposed to rural service right from inception and adopted one rural family for a period of 6 years. With the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi imbibed in him during his stay at the Gandhi ashram in Sevagram, he took 2 years of rural posting before going on to complete his post-graduation and advanced training in latest cataract surgery and retina care at the prestigious eye specialist Hospital Sankara Nethralya in Chennai.

Inspite of his excellent training background, Dr. Palimkar, chose to spend the formative years of his career serving the poor and needy for their eye care. He joined H V Desai Eye Hospital in Pune which is well known for its charitable eye work. Dr. Palimkar was exposed to high volume cataract surgery and evolved to be one of the most renowned eye specialists in Pune. He also helped establish the Viteroretinal setup in H V Desai Eye Hospital. He has completed 18,000 cataract surgeries till date of which 6000 are phacoemulsification surgeries.

Maintaining a good balance of professional growth and community service, he set up his private practice in 2007. Dr. Anand Palimkar and his wife Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Priya Palimkar established Om Eye and Heart Care hospital in Vishrantwadi, Pune where many eye-care related activities of diverse nature were initiated and established in the years that followed. He currently also works as a consultant Ophthalmologist in Pune at Jehangir Hospital (Apollo Group), Sahyadri hospital and as a panel consultant in Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune.

Dr. Anand Palimkar's awards and medals list includes - Best Postgraduate in Ophthalmology in MBBS and the Gold Medal in Medicine. His clinical and Surgical skills are General Ophthalmology, Phacoemulsification with special emphasis in retina & diabetic eye changes. He has numerous research papers in peer reviewed Indian and International eye journals and has attended numerous international conferences as faculty.

Eye surgeries performed

  • Non-Phaco suture less cataract surgeries: more than 16000
  • Phacoemulsification : more than 6000 surgeries
  • Vitreous biopsy with intravitreal injection: more than 20
  • Vitrectomy : more than 100 surgeries
  • Corneal Grafting (PKP) : more than 20 surgeries
  • Trabeculectomy : 100 surgeries
  • Squint surgery: 100 surgeries
  • Repair of corneal tear 500 surgeries
  • Lid laceration repair: more than 50 surgeries
  • Argon laser PRP: more than 2500 surgeries
  • Yag capsulotomy : more than 1000 surgeries
  • Yag iridotomy : more than 700 surgeries
  • Minor procedures : more than 200 surgeries.

Features - Ophthalmologist in Pune

  • List of Oral Presentations include Newer advances in retina care at Maharashtra ophthalmic conference 2013.
  • His case presentation in Maharashtra ophthalmic society for branch retinal vein occlusion got special mention and applause.
  • His Audit question: Glaucoma prevalence in central India has been published in Indian journal of ophthalmology and is considered as a reference by government of India for prevalence studies in India and quoted for being one of the benchmarks for prevalence studies.
  • He stayed in the rural and Naxal prone areas of Chhattisgarh where he screened nearly 7000 people which is a remarkable feat.
  • An avid teacher for over long years, Dr. Anand Palimkar has been involved in demonstrating and teaching advanced Cataract surgery especially the phacoemulsification technique .
  • He was appointed as trainer of trainers for Phaco surgery.
  • He has single handedly managed the retina department and was involved in the inception and growth of the viteroretina unit.
  • His Management skills include various committee memberships in hospital quality control and was key member of vision 2020 diabetic retinopathy planning, supervising and following the guidelines of anti-infective committee for charitable hospitals and reporting any break in the guidelines.
  • In Dr. Anand Palimkar, Ophthalmologist in Pune, we see a rare blend of pursuit for professional excellence and a determined commitment to offer the best treatment to all his patients regardless of their background.

Publications & Conferences

  • Glaucoma Society Of India Annual Conference , Mumbai 1999 (Paper : Glaucoma Prevalence in Central Rural India) accepted by IJO
  • Eye Advance 2000 , Mumbai ( Paper : Cataract Prevalence Study In Wardha District )
  • XXIII Annual Conference Of All India Ophthalmological Society Oct 2003. (Paper : Is Phaco Really Better Than Manual SICS : Result of Randomised Controlled Clinical Trial.)
  • 62nd Annual Conference Of All India Ophthalmological Society Jan 2004. (Paper : Safety and Efficacy of Phacoemulsification Compared With Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery by a Masked Randomized Clinical Control Trial )
  • Safety and Efficacy of Phacoemulsification compared with Manual Small : Incision Cataract Surgery by a Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial (Six : Weeks Result) : Ophthalmology May 2005.
  • Prevalence of glaucoma in central India : Indian Journal of Ophthalmology dec 2007
  • Clinical audit of panretinal photocoagulation in diabetic patients in western Maharashtra-Maharashtra ophthalmic society conference 2009

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